Helpful Tips

Always let them do the talking
Why you ask? 
There are many tree service companies out there that really don't have a clue what the are doing to the trees. You will be able to find out how much knowledge 
a Company may have by letting them explain what is best for your trees not you tell them what they need to do. 

Topping a Tree is a No No.

Here is Why....
Stresses Trees 
Causes Decay 
Creates Hazards
Becomes an Eyesore

In Long Run it becomes

More Expensive !!

We offer honest and reliable tree service, and we like to think we do it right. But, don't just take our word for it-

Our customers give us wonderful reviews!

Whether it's our quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers enjoy working with us.

We're famous for:

  • Friendly service
  • Honest diagnosis
  • Fair prices

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to say that I have worked with Artistic Arborist for over five years and have found them to be thorough, professional, courteous and polite.

The scope of work performed at both my personal residence and my rental property has included large tree removal, large and small tree trimming, canyon maintenance and landscape design and implementation.

I have recommended Artistic Arborist to friends, neighbors and clients and expect to continue to do so.

I have been completely satisfied with thier services.

A. Bradford

To whom it may concern,

Artistic Arborist and their team have worked for me on numerous projects over the last five years.  They have completed both major and minor projects skillfully and reliably. They have removed many large eucalyptus trees from my property without damaging the underlying landscaping.  They are equally skilled in seasonal pruning and landscape maintenance.  They have even installed several fences and irrigation systems with similar professionalism.  Porfirio is a master Arborist.  His skills far exceeded any of the other Arborist I have hired over the years.
In short, Artistic Arborist and their team are now the only tree service and landscape people I will hire.  They are trustworthy, reliable, friendly and incredibly skilled.
G. Schwendig, MD

Janet from Santee Ca 

Just over a year ago I had your company come out and shape up my pretty mangled 35 year old pecan tree. Afterwards it was in much better shape and looks absolutely beautiful again this year after a year to recover and fill in.

The last two tree trimming contractors (plus trims from SDGE's contractor) had left my tree lopsided and looked absolutely terrible when viewed from the street entrance which is a few feet higer than our house. One problem I had had with the last group was the people who came out to trim (who spoke virtually no English) was not the same guy who came out and I explained the problem to.

When your guy came out (don't have his card here) I showed him the problem and told him that I wanted someone who spoke fluent English on the job and that I was not going to pay if they couldn't do a better job than the last two contractors as I was just about ready to consider ripping the tree out and replanting a fast growing shade tree.

He came out himself and directed the crew and did a lot of the work himself and constantly checked the angle of the dangle and I could not be happier.

Even my neighbors commented because our house is the first you see when turning down the street and the tree had been a real eyesore after having been butchered.

The funny part of the whole thing is that I did not look you up in the yellow pages. I happened to see one of your trucks sitting in the home town buffet parking lot in Santee and I just wrote your number down with the hope that your work would match your name.

I can certainly testify that it does and look forward to having your team come out for another round.
Reviews From Valued Customers

Review by a Neighbor in Oceanside, CA
Project: Treat, Protect and Maintain Trees & Shrubs
Comments: We had about 9 years of growth in our backyard....they were very qualified and in two days the yard is beautiful....I would recommend them to you...their quality of work is fantastic!

Review by a Neighbor in Oceanside, CA
Project: Remove Trees
Comments: They are always available if you call they will answer and if not call you back immediately. Their prices are reasonable and everything was done in a timely manner with clean-up. They take the time to listen, and answer your questions and/or concerns. They want the best for their customers and will offer options on landscaping concerns that are not always to their benefit. Were very professional, timely.... all around good people


Review by Kristina H. in Ramona, CA
Project: Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up
Comments: There was debris that needed to be removed from around the fencing and trees. Very friendly.

Review by a Neighbor in San Diego, CA
Project: Remove a Tree Stump
Comments: The trees look beautiful! Mr. Rodriguez provided an opportunity to correct issues in the yard the right way...he gave good advise, provided quick service, and accomplished a huge job in one day.

Review by Sharon C. in Escondido, CA
Project: Trim Trees
Comments: Artistic Arborist is an efficient, capable, skilled set of workers who are dedicated to doing the job quickly, efficiently, and correctly. Mr . R. responded to our inquiry quickly and had his crew on our property within two days. The guys worked extremely hard and did a great job


Review by Carol C. in Bonsall, CA

Project: Trim Trees
Comments: They were amazing! Very professional and worked quickly what I thought would be an all day job was finished in 3 hours. They removed 2 dead trees 3 stumps groomed a very eucalyptus and treated 3 pine trees. All debris was totally cleaned up. I am very impressed and will be calling them in the fall to trim the pine trees.


Review by Brigid P. in Carlsbad, CA
Project: Trim Trees
Comments: Prompt, thorough, gave great advice

Review by Larry V. in Carlsbad, CA
Project: Trim Trees
Comments: Best tree trimming service I have ever hired! Great work and service. Already made appt. For next year.

Review by Pauline R. in In Lakeside, CA
Project: Remove Trees
Comments: Artistic Arborist was every good as all the other reviewers said they were. The workers arrived on time, all work was completed even faster than I thought it would be and the job site was cleaned up perfectly. I will absolutely be using them again.

Review by Michael (mike) L. in Chula Vista, CA
Project: Treat, Protect and Maintain Trees & Shrubs
Comments: We had three companies come give us a recommendation and quote to deal with our dying cypress trees. Artistic Arborist was by far the most honest and knowledgeable. In fact they came out a second time to ensure my spouse (who couldn't be home during the initial visit) fully understood the quote. Not only was their price fair, they also did an excellent job at saving our trees. Other shops simply wanted to remove and replace or soak with chemicals. If you have tree issues, I would save the time and call them today. You wont find any company as passionate as them when it comes to trees.

Review by Scott M. in Escondido, CA
Project: Remove Trees
Comments: I selected Artistic Arborist because of the wealth of positive feedback and ratings from other customers. After having them take out two trees yesterday, I'm glad to add my positive feedback too... Everyone I came in contact with, from the chainsaw guy to the foreman to Jessica in the office was friendly even with repeated calls and questions... They showed up early as requested, made quick work of the tree removal, stump grinding, and shredding, and had the place so clean that when I returned home that evening it was hard to tell there were ever trees there... I'll be calling again to have another big tree trimmed later this year! Thanks!

Review by Georgia B. in Spring Valley, CA
Project: Remove Trees
Comments: On time...fast and efficient and cleaned up the area very nicely.

Review by Patti P. in Oceanside, CA
Project: Treat, Protect and Maintain Trees & Shrubs
Comments: Did a great job trimming all my plants and bushes. Very professional. Everything was picked up and washed down upon completion. I plan to recommend them to my neighbors and use them again next year for my annual clean up.

Review by Christina S. in Chula Vista, CA
Project: Remove Trees
Comments: I was concerned with the process of tree removal from my property, as the site posed many difficulties to overcome. With this, I was reluctant to seek a quote imagining it would be un-affordable. HomeAdvisor.com offered Artistic Arborist, who without delay made contact and arranged an appointment working around my hours. Porfirio explained the details of the project and provided a written quote. His professionalism and kindly manner eased my anxiety – The price was doable and the company worked with me to make it happen. The men on site were courteous and hardworking. They completed the job in quick time and cleared the site. Wonderful group!

Review by Patricia T. in Lakeside, CA
Project: Remove a Tree Stump
Comments: quick, and courteous

Review by Linda W. in Oceanside, CA

Project: Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up
Comments: They came when they said they would, were courteous and professional, and did more than was expected in our lawn clean-up project. They did a fantastic job, and we plan to use them again in the future.

Review by Karyn L. in Escondido, CA
Project: Remove Trees
Comments: Communication with the customer could use improvement. When leaving the job site the I customer should be told where you are going and when you expect to be back.

Review by a Neighbor in Valley Center, CA
Project: Remove Trees
Comments: I really appreciated the attention that the main contact gave us, and that the company was flexible when we had to change dates. A fantastic company to work with and I will be calling them next spring for the annual trimming. The only negative feedback was that the "chainsaw man" was a little cocky and short with us, and didn't respect that we needed to move our horses away from the noise when it came time to trim on that side of our property. Everything turned out great but he wasn't as friendly as the rest of the crew.

Review by Art P. in Alpine, CA
Project: Treat, Protect and Maintain Trees & Shrubs
Comments: I am extremely satisfied with their service, communication and attention to detail.

Review by Vladimir R. in Chula Vista, CA
Project: Treat, Protect and Maintain Trees & Shrubs
Comments: Nice and responsible. I'm going to invite again.

Review by Jeff M. in San Diego, CA
Project: Trim Trees
Comments: Artistic Arborist responded promptly to my request for tree trimming (actually became removal) services, gave me what I considered a very good price estimate and was able to quickly schedule the work. They showed up on time and did a great job removing 3 palms that were covered in dead fronds. they also ground down the large combined stump from the 3 trees. They were a very professional crew and kept the job site clean and safe while they worked, During the final clean up they made sure not only my yard was clean, but also my neighbors yards, sidewalks and the street. They exceeded my expectations and that's why I rated them with 5 stars.

Review by George S. in Oceanside, CA
Project: Remove a Tree Stump
Comments: The tree removal team did and excellent job


Review by Liz P. in Spring Valley, CA
Project: Trim Trees
Comments: This was my 2nd choice to begin with because the estimator did not give me a written quote at the initial visit. But, when I called to ask if they would still like to do the job, they immediately worked with me to set a date and time. And, then they showed up on time, gave me the written contract and went to work. The crew was good, the work is excellent. They cleaned up very well and even did a little extra work without a cost increase. I would recommend them to anyone. Job very well done.

Review by Jerry B. in San Ysidro, CA
Project: Trim or Remove Shrubs
Comments: All work was accomplished in a very professional manner. Work was completed in a timely manner. The clean up of the branches, twigs and leaves was excellent.

Review by David T. in Ramona, CA
Project: Fall / Spring Yard Clean Up
Comments: Although a relatively simple task, they did a great job at an affordable/reasonable price. I would highly recommend this company.

Review by Curtis C. in Valley Center, CA
Project: Trim Trees
Comments: They were great hard workers, we were happy with them so our neighbor gave them a big job. Thanks Curtis

Review by Doug C. in San Diego, CA
Project: Remove Trees
Comments: Artistic Arborist showed up as scheduled for both quoting and performance and completed the job in a timely fashion. They ensured the work site was safe and that the work area, including my pool, was clean upon completion.

Review by Mark M. in El Cajon, CA
Project: Remove Trees
Comments: Job completed promptly and thoroughly

Review by a Neighbor in San Diego, CA
Project: Trim Trees
Comments: Very friendly and easy to work with...they provided an estimate and performed the work in a week's time, much to my satisfaction. Didn't just trim my palms and haul the debris, but also suggested correct fertilizer. Very pleased with this company!

Review by Shirley B. in Chula Vista, CA
Project: Trim Trees
Comments: Artistic Arborist is absolutely fabulous. They do everything just perfect, and offer great suggestions to help a person decide about things. Excellent value for the money. Even did extra, work and went way beyond expectations. Left everything cleaned and in perfect order. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Review by Michael T. in Escondido, CA
Project: Treat, Protect and Maintain Trees & Shrubs
Comments: Friendly, efficient, and HARD working! They will be my "go-to" landscape professionals.